Step by Step Guidance to Recover Data

  1. Now, software will show available partition(s) of your system
    Note: On the Right side corner, you can see selected partition details.

    select partition

  2. As soon as you clicked on "Recover Partition" button, tool will display three recovery modes

    select recovery modes

  • Normal Data Recovery : This mode is helpful for doing data recovery (excluding deleted data) from both FAT & NTFS partitions which are corrupted or damaged due to unwanted reasons.
  • Deleted Files and Folders Only : If you have deleted your data permanently by mistake using shift+del command then select this mode. It will only recover your deleted files and folders.
  • Formatted Partition Recovery : In this mode, tool will automatically scan the available partition and recover your files and folders from formatted as well as re-formatted hard disk partition.
  1. After selecting "Normal Data" and clicked on "Recover" button, a window will open where you can see the process of partition scanning.

    scan process

  2. As soon as the process gets completed, tool will display all details like: selected drive, total size, bytes read, folders and files.

    scanning details

  3. By clicking on "Search button" you can easily find particular file or folder from recovered list by providing creation date, last modification date or giving filename or path.
    Note: To recover deleted files and folder or formatted partition data, you need to check "Include Deleted Files Only" option.

    search file or folder

  4. As soon as the recovery process is completed, software will preview entire recovered list in explorer view on left hand side.
    Note: You can right click on particular file » "Preview Selected File(s)" or "Extract Select File(s)".

    preview or extract file

  5. You can also save multiple folder by selected them and then Right click >> Choose "Extract Selected Folder(s)".

    extract multiple files

  6. Now, click "Save" button, browse the location where you want to save your recovered items » Click on "OK".
    Note: You can also create a new folder by clicking on "Make New Folder" button.

    save records